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Tamil Computing Tools


Tamil Virtual Academy proposed to develop Tamil computing software for the use of   Tamil society and Tamil computing researchers. Government of      Tamilnadu have  sanctioned a sum of Rs.1.5 crores for the “Development of Tamil computing softwares” in G.O (2D) No: 26, dated 15-10-2015 under Tamilnadu innovative Initiatives Schemes (Part II Scheme) for the year 2015-16.  Accordingly 15 projects have been identified and 2 products have been already inaugurated by our honorable Chief Minister. Currently the following 5 projects have been completed and are now inaugurated by our honorable Chief Minister.

  1. Tamilinaiyam  - Sol Pesi - A text-to-speech (TTS) synthesis Download (Zip format)
  2. Tamilinaiyam  - Vivasaaya Thakavi - A speech-enabled interactive enquiry system for agriculture http://speech.ssn.edu.in/ agri_home/ welcome.html
  3. Tamilinaiyam  - Tolkappiya Thakaval Peruvi - Tamil Grammar learning & teaching Tool Download (Zip format)
  4. Tamilinaiyam  - Tamil Payirruvi - Tamil language learning & teaching Tool Download (Zip format)
  5. Tamilinaiyam  - Nigazaayvi - A Tamil Mobile app that fetches events from Web - It brings Events into your hand tvademo/


A text-to-speech (TTS) synthesis system enhances the way in which computers communicate information to humans. It is expected to synthesize intelligible and natural speech corresponding to any given text. TTS systems along with speech recognition systems, which convert speech to text, can act as a speech interface between a user and a machine aiding in two-way communication, both from user to machine and machine to the user. In this regard two applications have been developed for the language Tamil, as follows (1) a browser extension that allows people to read any Tamil text from webpages. This can be useful for the disabled, and also to users who understand Tamil but cannot read it. It can also serve as a learning tool since users get to hear and see the audio and text in parallel. These extensions have been built for both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox due to their popularity among users using windows, linux or osx operating systems.


A speech-enabled interactive enquiry system for agriculture, that uses both speech synthesis and recognition technologies. Built as a web application, users can access this anytime to obtain information about three major crops, rice, ragi and sugarcane through a speech interface that is both natural and easy to use.


Tolkappiyam, the grammatical treatise, has 1610 Sutras (verses). These Sutras are divided into three Divisions (Athikarams) – Eluthathikaram, Collathikaram and Porulathikaram. In turn each chapter is comprised of nine Chapters (Iyals). This research project on Tamil software deals with the words used in Tolkappiyam grammar, their distribution and their grammatical categories as well the glossary of grammatical terms that could be understood swiftly through Computer. Moreover, the details of the context in which a particular word occurs (“concordancer”, N-gram analysis) and the statistical analysis of the same find a place in this software. Also an Index is provided with.

The aim of this software is not to give commentaries on Tolkappiyam Sutras but to analyse Tolkappiyar’s language style using Corpus Linguistic techniques. This software is developed to retrieve rapidly through Computer all the Information gathered using Corpus Linguistics techniques.


The Tamil Language teaching and learning tools includes Ontology for improving Tamil vocabulary, verb conjugation and noun declension tool for learning Tamil word inflections and English-Tamil machine translation system for learning simple sentences. These tools will help the Tamil language learners to improve their language skills.

A Tamil Mobile app that fetches events from Web
It brings Events into your hand

“nigazaayvi”, the mobile app,  fetches events from Tamil websites  primarily from Newspapers. It extracts the latest events happening across the globe and provides the user with the event, the people associated with the event, Place in which the event happens and the cause & effect of the event.

Latest technology in natural language processing (NLP) is the backbone of nigazaayvi where machine learning and deep linguistic analysis which involves semantic and syntactic processing is used. And this is integrated with search engine technology which enables the user to query and retrieve events. There are no comparable event extraction systems or mobile apps for Indian languages.

This also can be customized for Auto calendaring of events and court Docketing of judicial proceedings . It is first of its kind in Indian Languages and at par with any international event extraction apps.